Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Epibi Diaper Liner review- Guest review!!

This is a  review of the Epibi Diaper Liner by Dr. Elly Hann {Website here}
Colleen Fox from Basic Baby Shop in Syracuse NY is my VERY special Guest Reviewer!

The Epibi Diaper Liner was sent to us by Dr. Elly Hann of Persimmon Scientific to test and review. The product is a white, thin hourglass shaped liner with one smooth, silky side and the opposite side, a soft fabric weave. The liners come in size small and large. Size small is for babies under 15 lbs and the large size is for babies 15lbs+. I used a large sized diaper liner on my 17month old daughter for this review
Lately I have been having problems with diaper rash on my daughter’s bum. Because she is a heavy wetter, the only thing absorbent enough to make it through the night is a prefold or fitted diaper with a cover. Because the prefolds and fitted are not fleece lined, they do not wick away moisture and thus, my daughter has ended up with a rash from laying in her urine overnight. I have used fleece liners in her diaper and have even used zinc oxide products trying to clear her rash. I have tried using the Epibi liner for a number of applications.
The first night, I placed the liner in my daughter’s fitted diaper (silky side up) and used a wool cover. The next morning, I noticed that her rash was not any worse, but there was no noticeable improvement. However, after the 3rd night of using the liners, I noticed that my daughter’s rash was actually clearing up without the use of diaper creams.
As many of us cloth diaperers know, diaper cream is the enemy of micro fleece, causing it to repel. I have actually used our Epibi liner as a liner on my pocket diapers to protect my diapers from diaper cream after my daughter had a food-induced yeast infection diaper rash and I used medicated diaper cream. The Epibi liner effectively protected my diaper from the diaper cream and, even though it was coated in diaper cream, the liner did not repel and seemed to still wick away the urine from my daughter’s bottom. I did wash the liner with a bit of unscented dish soap afterwards to strip the cream off the liner.
The only downside I found with the liners, is that when my daughter poops while wearing the liner, it isn’t always easy to clean of the liner. I have come to keeping one finger holding the liner to the diaper while holding over the toilet and using a diaper sprayer to clean the diaper and the liner at the same time. Aside from this, I have really liked this product. The cost of the liners is worth the reduction of diaper rash I have seen since I started using these on my daughter.. Also note, in the product description on Epibi’s website, it states that these can be used both in disposable and cloth diapers. Honestly, I don’t see parents using disposable diapers using a reusable liner and washing the poop off them and throwing the diaper away, but perhaps I am so far detached from the disposable diapering community, I am mistaken. I see this product with a target market of cloth diapering parents using prefolds, flat or fitted diapers on babies with occasional diaper rash or chronic skin conditions (i.e. sensitive skin, eczema, allergies). Even at $12.99 for a 3 pack, I feel the ability to make my absorbent fitted diapers into a skin friendly, all-night diapering option is well worth the money.  

Please check back soon for a post from another guest reviewer for the Epibi Washable Nursing Pads! I was sent these as well and was unable to review them due to milk production. 
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A special thank you to Colleen Fox for helping to write this review! 
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