Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ReilynnDesigns Review&Giveaway!!

There's something really special about ReiLynnDesigns. I came upon Karie's store on Etsy while searching for bottle-cap monogrammed hair bows. Once I got here, what I wanted from her was much different. Bottle caps bows are easy to come by, but Kanzashi Flowers are something new to me. They are so unique and pretty and Karie specializes in making them! Something even more awesome..? She totally cares about your kids.. "I use foil back rhinestones instead of Swarovski crystals because of the lead content in the crystals. Swarovski crystals are not approved for children's items and it is very important to me to comply with children's lead laws." Until I spoke with Karie, I did not know this. I always thought swarovski crystals were the better choice, because, Ohhhh I don't know, they're more expensive? I appreciate that she uses caution when making items for my child & all of her customers.

 Want to know more about these beautiful flowers? "Kanzashi flowers originated from Japan- it was an art form created to wear in Geisha's elaborate hair. In Japan it takes 5-10 years of apprenticeship to learn the art of Kanzashi. These flowers are a fun spin on that tradition.  Each petal is a one inch square piece of ribbon folded over and over again with pliers and tweezers." 

I was sent two of these. One to put in my little one's hair and review... and one for a lucky reader! See this showcase is getting more fun each day.. huh? The flowers are super cute!

 I actually won a grab bag/jar (photo to right*bottom. Also shown to right is what was in the jar*top) in an auction Karie did on her Facebook page!  Like I said before, I love when shops have fun things going on on their facebook pages! :) for $6 I got a mix of 6 bows and 1 Kanzashi flower! I love them so much! Very, very well made! Everything was on an alligator clip. Karie also did a super sweet deal in September where when you referred a friend as long as you BOTH made a purchase and mentioned eachother's names you got your entire order for 50% off! I've never seen a deal that good on Etsy! :)

 Thank you Karie! Since I don't have them yet to photograph, here is Karie's shop photo of what I ordered!  (The black/pink/white bow, The initial bow, and the rainbow Kanzashi flower clips! I cant wait to get them! :) 

I love this shop, it's just fun looking, Karie is super sweet & she's got a nice selection! Plus, I love shops that interact with their customers on facebook and do fan only coupons! All around, Great Shop and I will be back for many more accessories for my little girl! :)

Now onto the giveaway! One reader is going to win their own Kanzashi Flower Clip!

To Enter You must be a MMR follower, be 18 yrs or older and live in the US. (this does not count as an entry)

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This giveaway will run for 2 weeks and will end on Halloween!:) Trick or Treat!!