Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eco Sprout! Oh, How I love you! Review & GIVEAWAY!

When it comes to cloth diapers one of the most important items in your collection is going to be a safe & EFFECTIVE detergent! I've tried some other soaps that everyone RAVED about and I really wanted to love them! They just didn't do what everyone else claimed they did. So, after some convincing from my husband I finally decided to switch. I stumled across "Eco Sprout!" I am so happy I did, too. You have to try this stuff! You will NOT go back to whatever it is you are using! I've done other soaks that have been suggested and never saw "funk" float to the surface or my water change color. Even the diapers that were handed down to us & diapers from Diaperswappers.com never made my water funky! Quite honestly, they we're dirty & the other top soap brands just weren't doing what they were supposed to.

Upon receiving my soap, I tested about 15 diapers in a 3 hour soak. Um, gross! I filled my washer with HOT HOT water & put about 4 tablespoons of Eco Sprout in the water, threw in the diapers and shut the lid! Three hours later I returned to disgusting brown, oily looking water with flaky stuff floating at the top. Whoops! I definitely should have photographed this one! Then I ran one wash cycle without any soap and one rinse cycle. Voila, they are gleeeaming! Covers and inserts always seem to do pretty well in the wash. Some all in ones, like my bumGenius 3.0s, not so much! Eco Sprout got my aio's squeaky clean from the inside out, without actually having to turn them inside out! Awesome!

Seriously, give this stuff a try. Your diapers & your babies booty will thank you.
Eco Sprout comes in 5 wonderful scents, (Sandlewood Vanilla is fantastic!) & unscented.
is safe for all water types and is designed to work with both HE and conventional machines.

Comes in 3 different sizes:
48oz bag : 48 to 96 loads*
24oz bag: 24 to 48 loads*
2oz sample bag: 2 to 4 loads*

This is my first ever review/giveaway! TWO winners will be chosen on Sunday January 30th & will be chosen by Random.org Each winner will receive a sample size of eco sprout in either Sandlewood Vanilla or Fresh Linen.

To enter- You MUST follow this blog AND leave a comment below stating what your current soap is and if you like it or not. (following without leaving a comment will NOT enter you.) Bonus entry- let me know what other reviews and giveaways you would like to see!
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