Sunday, September 25, 2011

Briar Muse - Eco Friendly Home Fragrance Review & Giveaway!

Fall is offically here whether we're happy about it or sad at how quickly summer flew past us! Now that it's just going to keep getting colder until April comes around again the windows and doors get shut and the house gets stuffy! Good thing for candles! Especially Briar Muse! These eco friendly soy candles are purely 

ahhhhh-mazing! I was sent two candle jars and an easy tart in French Vanilla Bean, Pumpkin Spice and Driftwood (my favorite!) These candles smell awesome! They're made with a wood wick and although I really like the crackling noise and the appeal of the flame the wooden wick provides, one of the candle tins burned a little uneven causing me to not get quite 25 hours out of it. Could have been a fluke and still totally worth it though, they smell like heaven! 

I asked if it would be safe to burn the easy tarts in my scentsy which I loveee and was told that they hadn't tried it! Well I did and I really liked it! :) I even scooped out my pumpkin spice from the candle that burned funny and used that in the scentsy too! Problem solved! 

So happy I don't have to feel guilty burning candles in the house with these eco friendly, safe burning, deeeelious smelling candles! 

Briar Muse was also generous enough to offer a Candle Tin to one lucky MMR reader! 
It's easy to enter!

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The contest is open until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday Oct. 9th

Saturday, September 24, 2011

EIO Kids Cup review and Giveaway!

With our Daughter's 2nd birthday quickly approaching and nursing now behind us (emergency surgery to blame..sort of!) I'm desperate to get my big girl off the sippy cup and drinking from a regular cup! If you're the parent of a toddler, or were at some point, then you know it's a very tough task to find the perfect training cup without a "sippy" nipple. Teaching our daughter how to sip and not suck has been a very tough task. The EIO Kids Cup is an awesome cup to help ease the transition! I'm super excited to share these with you! 

Kathy, a mother of two was tired of what all bottle/sippy cup mom's are tired of...finding matching valves, nipples and lids for our overflowing piles of plastic drink-ware! After the battle to get the gunk and mold from inside the tiniest valves and digging out sippy cup pieces from her dishwasher, Kathy had enough. She was using 8oz mason jars for her children to drink out of. SAFER and EASIER TO CLEAN! With the help of her husband they created a lid that would fit the inexpensive jars and a silicone sleeve to prevent breaking from a game of pickup! 

...and I'm so glad they did! I love this cup and although Layla is still struggling with getting the hang of the sip and not the suck. She still spills it down her shirt every now and then but these cups are really great. I LOVE how easy they are to clean & I love the little smiley face on the lid to help little ones know they're holding it correctly! :) 

A few very informative FAQ's!
Why is there no valve?
Because research suggests that any child over the age of 1 year SHOULD NOT use a cup with a valve. Sucking from a valve rather than sipping may be detrimental to dental development.  Not to mention valves harbor mold and are easily lost.
*From The Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. 135, No 3, 387. The American Dental Association does not endorse or support EIO Products, LLC.

Where’s the spout?
You mean the bit young children chew?  Spouts encourage suckling rather than the natural motion of sipping. Plus, researchers have determined that spouts with valves can be detrimental to dental development.
*From The Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. 135, No 3, 387. The American Dental Association does not endorse or support EIO Products, LLC

So it’s not spill proof?
Neither is a plate, but we teach our children to use it. EIO encourages healthy habits and seeks to teach children mealtime skills. 

EIO Kids Cups sent me this product to review and is also going to give one lucky MMR reader an EIO Kids cup as well! 

To Enter!! 
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Contest will end at 11:59pm EST on Oct. 8

Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's make a baby! :)

.. Or at least try! I'm going to attempt to make YouTube vlogs following our TTC/pregnancy journey for a second baby! I hope you'll watch!!

Here's our first attempt at a video...excuse the appearance, I just finished nap-time! Here it is on Youtube ->TTC Baby #2!

Blog Blast Round 3..Ready for take off!

I am uber excited to be a part of Blog Blast for round 3! I had such success with round 2 and welcome all my new followers! Thank you to Ashley for putting such a fun bloggy event together! 

This round is just like last time, but if you're new and don't know the deets.. here they are!
Blog Blast is YOUR shot at $200 paypal cash!! 
Below is a Rafflecopter widget with all the hosts links to enter! It's so easy, do as little or as many as you like, (obviously the more you do the better your odds!) Most hosts have other awesomeness going on so check them out!
Contest is open WORLDWIDE & Ends at 12:01 am September 27th!

Here is a list of participating blogs: 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ta-Ta Tents Nursing Cover review!


I know in my recent posts I've mentioned how I'm not always a cover user, but this cover is simply amazing! I used another cheapy cover when my daughter was first born and used it when I was around my husband's side of the family. Oh!! How I wish I had known of Ta-Ta Tents! 

These are one of the biggest nursing covers on the market, with dimensions of 66cm H x 91cm W & not only that but during our Big Latch On event, I had a chance to touch and try on a couple other covers and not one of them was made out of the stretchy material that Ta-Ta Tents has.  "Need a place for the pacifier?  Nursing pads?  Nipple Cream?   Lipstick?  Bubblegum?  Tylenol?  Whiskey?  Picture of your loving husband?  Ativan? Our front pocket ensures you can store what ever you need EASY! " <-- Took that from their Store, cause it's catchy and made me laugh! 

 They have 5 prints available. I was sent the soccer mom print and I LOVEE it. It's super cute and really soft.  I only wish they had even more patterns to choose from but here's another fav! See how BIG?!
**Ok, so I had photos of me using this at the park with my daughter, but she totally dropped my memory card in water. So, I had to re-do it and she was a crabby patty, so I'm "nursing" a dolly! ;) But wanted to give you an idea of how big this really is!

Once again, toddler soaked memory card and I needed to do this in a jiffy, sorry for the muteness ;) 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MoBoleez- Modern nursing Bonnet! Review and Giveaway

 Has anyone seen these adorable hats? MoBoleez, Modern Bonnets for breastfeeding babies. I'm a huge fan of hats on Layla. She's not always the biggest fan, but she's a trooper! So when I heard that MoBoleez was a sponsor for The Big Latch On during world breastfeeding week, I was super excited to email them! Diane was a pleasure to talk to and sent a couple to donate to our local event. I was also given the opportunity to do a review on one myself! :-D

As I've mentioned before, I do consider myself skilled at latching on and off without exposing much of anything. You usually get more of a peep show if I'm fiddling around trying to cover up. I love this hat because of the EASE. Layla was already wearing the hat to keep the sun off her face while we played at the swan pond, so it was no hassle at all trying to get her to wear it in the moment.

The idea is to have the large brim of the hat cover your breast but not your baby! BINGO! This hat does just that. It's excellent for hot summer days when you don't want to fight with the cover. Bonus for compliments everywhere you go with MoBoleez hats, nursing or not we got tons of " I love her hat!" + "I wish they had those when I was nursing!"  

The hats come in 2 sizes.

  • 0-6 months- - this size fits a baby from birth to about 6 months. With a newborn, they'll have  room to grow.  Head circumference is 16 inches.
  • 6-12 months- this size fits a baby from about 6 months to 1 year old. Head circumference is 19 inches.
Also, 2 styles.. 

  • MoBoleez Classic hats are made of all-natural, super soft blend of cotton/bamboo fibres (60% cotton, 40% bamboo).
  • MoBoleez Couture Collection is offered in super soft, breathable 95% cotton, 5% spandex jersey knit - it is a nice solid weight, like a high fashion t-shirt material, double layered.
    I had the opportunity to feel out both styles (the one pictured above is a Couture.) The classic hat doesn't have quite as much stretch as the Couture & the brim has no give on the Classic. Both hats are made extremely well. I would highly recommend trying either or purchasing one as a shower gift for any Mother wishing to breastfeed!
    Also, check them out on Facebook

    BUY ONE- HereHere or if you're local to me, HERE! (Basic Baby in Manlius!) 
    WIN ONE!- MoBoleez is giving one of you lucky readers a chance to win your very own hat.

    This giveaway is open to to US and Canada! Must be 18 or older. As always you must be a GFC follower to enter!
    Mandatory Entry-  Please leave your first comment stating you are a GFC follower then go to the website and let me know which hat is your favorite! Like this "I'm a GFC follower and my favorite hat is Tropical Tiles." 
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