Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ta-Ta Tents Nursing Cover review!


I know in my recent posts I've mentioned how I'm not always a cover user, but this cover is simply amazing! I used another cheapy cover when my daughter was first born and used it when I was around my husband's side of the family. Oh!! How I wish I had known of Ta-Ta Tents! 

These are one of the biggest nursing covers on the market, with dimensions of 66cm H x 91cm W & not only that but during our Big Latch On event, I had a chance to touch and try on a couple other covers and not one of them was made out of the stretchy material that Ta-Ta Tents has.  "Need a place for the pacifier?  Nursing pads?  Nipple Cream?   Lipstick?  Bubblegum?  Tylenol?  Whiskey?  Picture of your loving husband?  Ativan? Our front pocket ensures you can store what ever you need EASY! " <-- Took that from their Store, cause it's catchy and made me laugh! 

 They have 5 prints available. I was sent the soccer mom print and I LOVEE it. It's super cute and really soft.  I only wish they had even more patterns to choose from but here's another fav! See how BIG?!
**Ok, so I had photos of me using this at the park with my daughter, but she totally dropped my memory card in water. So, I had to re-do it and she was a crabby patty, so I'm "nursing" a dolly! ;) But wanted to give you an idea of how big this really is!

Once again, toddler soaked memory card and I needed to do this in a jiffy, sorry for the muteness ;) 

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  1. Try putting your memory card in a container with some rice, it will draw out the moisture and you might still be able to use it. Good luck.