Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Hoppers Hammock Ring Sling review & giveaway!

Alright, I'm about 1 bazillion reviews and giveaways behind. I just had so much going on with my health lately and am on an emotional roller coaster ride. Now winter...yay! :( lol 

Anyway, back in August I co-hosted the Big Latch on and met one of the sweetest mom's ever, the owner of Little Hoppers on Etsy, Kelly Delaney. She was beyond generous and offered me one of her gorgeous hammock ring slings to review.  <3 

I love this ring sling & that's a shocker because when Layla was about 3 months old I ordered one from another etsy seller and just couldn't quite grasp the concept. It had an extra long tail which I thought I would love for nursing but since I'm more worried about smothering my baby with all the extra fabric, it more so just got in my way. 

By the way, most of these are just user error and it was more difficult with a smaller baby, for me anyway! 

So anyway, back to the sling! As soon as Kelly handed over the beautiful sling, she helped me get it on correctly and I fell in love! There wasn't an extra mile of fabric, the rings were strong and secure, there was plenty of butt room for my 20 month old, and it was so so comfy. Something unique about little hoppers slings, there's a pocket on the shoulder for keys, cellphone or money! :) 

Ring slings are great because they're so customizable. From fabric and print to length of the tail and any care giver can wear it because of the adjustablilty! 

"Littler Hoppers hammocks are made of 100% breathable cotton fabric for mommy and babies comfort. They are not too hot to use during the summer months, nor too thin to use when the weather is less than perfect.
The design not pleated for a comfier fit, which allows for more fabric to be fanned across the shoulder and back to displace the babies weight. Also there is a small pocket that is a great space for storing your key, wallet or cell phone."

 If a ring sling is in your future, check out Kelly at Little Hoppers! She also sells Taggy Blankets (Layla has this one & l.o.v.e.s. it) & baby leg warmers!

How about a giveaway? 

Layla's not one to sit still anymore and with our fertility troubles we have decided to put baby #2 on hold till after my husband graduates in July. So, I'm going to giveaway my sling and a taggy blanket to one lucky MMR reader! :) 

To enter you already know the mandatory entry. Must be a MMR follower & leave a comment saying so! :)

Then go toLittle Hoppers and add her to your favorites! +1 entry
Stop by her facebook and thank her for the review at MMR! +2 entries
Tweet and share on facebook this giveaway up to 3x a day! 2entries each *3 hours apart* Make sure to leave your permalink!

Goodluck! I'll choose a winner on November 14 at 11:59pm est.

UPDATE!! Adding an addition week to this giveaway due to this update having an error and not posting. If you use code "MODERN" at little hoppers etsy shop you'll get 20% off! Also, place an order (great gift idea!!) leave the order number for an additional 5 entries!! 
Contest ends Wednesday Nov. 23rd at 11:59 pm est.