Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Instead Softcup Menstrual cup! Review & Giveaway!

 I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl on November 7th 2009 & did not regain a menstrual cycle until she turned 18 months old! I had decided I did not miss the annoying part of removing a tampon which when your flow was not heavy enough, the tampon would scratch and cause a drying feeling as I pulled it out, I was tired of the odor tampons leave with you, leaks and worrying about forgetting the tampon and getting TSS. I wanted to try to go the reusable cup route but it was incredibly difficult to get the hang of the first couple of tries. Knowing we had a beach day planned I wanted to make sure I had something I knew I could do right and that would be reliable. I stopped at the local drug store and grabbed a box of Softcups! 

I actually never had the opportunity to try these for my period (before baby.) However, paired up with some Pre~seed we used Softcup to help conceive our Daughter. Like I've mentioned before, we have some sort of fertility problem. It's not been solved yet but something is clearly wrong. After becoming a seasoned TTCer on Fertility Friend I had seen numerous posts about putting the two together to use as a fertility aid! Two weeks following a miscarriage on my 21st birthday, January 24 2009...we made our first and only attempt at pairing the two & two weeks later I was extremely surprised to find out it worked. There's no medical proof that is what worked but I KNOW that's what did it! (Seriously, have you guys considered teaming up and selling a fertility aid package?! hint hint! )  

** EDIT! Thank you to Elisabeth for noticing my ramble and not mentioning the HOW TO part of using this as a fertility aid. We simply inserted it just after intercourse before any fluids could escape! Sorry for the TMI but if you're trying desperately to conceive..usually you've heard it all. I actually squeezed about 2 pea sized amounts of pre-seed into the cup right before inserting it. 

ALSO, I did not note that the easiest, mess free way to remove the softcup, although definitely not necessary, would be in the evening during a shower. However, it can be done easily without a mess without taking a shower! 

More recently I've started using Softcup for my actual period & I must say these beat the stuffing out of tampons! They go in extremely easy where as the reusable ones take some getting used to and if you're in a rush and don't have time to spend learning the technique, this is your best bet! They also come out super easy and don't make you run to your husband telling him you think it's never going to come out..(that totally didn't happen to me!) Another pro, you can actually have clean intimate time with your partner when wearing the softcup, unlike tampons or reusable cups due to the size! I cannot say enough about this menstrual cup & wish more women were as open to trying them.

 If only there were something that might encourage you to try it...like a giveaway or something! Well, it's a good thing you've stuck around to read this because now is your chance to win a pack! The softcup company was generous enough to not only donate TWO CASES of softcups for our Syracuse, NY Big Latch On event..they are also going to give THREE of my readers a package of softcups! Nicee, huh? 

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