Wednesday, November 9, 2011

KAEL&KAED trendy handmade (Baby) things


Wetbag, snack bags & toy leash! 

The long awaited review for KAEL & KAED handmade (Baby) Things has arrived. I received a snack bag and leash as review products and purchased a wetbag and larger (or smaller..I don't remember) snack bag also. I am in l.o.v.e. with her stuff. Not only are all of her prints so freaking adorable, but she has so many to choose from. She also offers deep discounts frequently when you choose a mystery print. 

Wetbag- I love this bag because it keeps the stink inside! If your a cloth user, this is a big deal when choosing the right wetbag. I also love that I can wash AND dry it and when it comes inside out, the fabric is smoothe and doesn't stick, making it super easy to put back together and put away. :) 

Snack bags- I love these because of the adorable prints (seriously...there's SO many!) The inside is the same as the wetbag, making it easy to clean! They keep food fresh!! My husband found one that had slipped under the seat and was probably there a week or so... but he tried the goldfish and they were still GOOD! :) These snack bags also feature something I haven't seen on any other snack bags. A loop! For the leashes! GENIUS! This is one of those things I bang my head on the table thinking..durr! Why didn't I think of that? I use the leashes for cups and toys, but not the snck bags?! It's been awesome! You want these! 

Toy,cup,snack bag & sophie leash- These leashes are awesome! Made out of the same fabric the outside of the snack bag and wetbags are made from giving you total control over print! Snaps are well made and not flimsy! The only thing I would have liked to see would have been another snap for bigger cups! 

Overall, I love all the products that KAEL & KAED has to offer. She has many more neat products other than what I have been able to try. 

Check her out on facebook {here} for codes and steals!
Check her out on Etsy {here} for amazing products you NEED!

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