Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big Latch On- in honor of World Breastfeeding Week!

A Big Latch on? I was surely confused about this when my girlfriend mentioned to me that we should organize an event in our area, Syracuse NY. I thought somebody went and insulted the breastfeeding community and now we need to go nurse our babies outside their place of business! ( It's totally a joke!) I googled it and was surprised to find it's an incredible event at locations all over the United States and beyond! 

Whats a 'Big Latch On'?

Groups of nursing mothers coming together at registered venues around the country (or the world) to all nurse their babes at a set time. All the mamas and babes latched on for one minute at the set time are counted by the witnesses. The numbers are added up and we see how close we come to the world record.

Why have a Big Latch On?

We all know how important breastfeeding is and this way we can show everyone just how much we all value breastfeeding and support all mamas as they raise the next generation.
Plus it's a really good way to spend time with other mothers and have a lot of fun, maybe a coffee and some cake as well!
(taken from Big Latch

Absolutely! I must participate in this event! There's no way we could have done this alone so I emailed two of the sweetest people ever, Josh & Colleen from Basic Baby in Manlius, NY! They were excellent at pointing me in the right direction. My next phone call went to Lisa at Mother Earth Baby. She was thrilled and is going to help by hosting the event at her store! Awesome! So, if you're in Syracuse, NY or anywhere nearby on August 6th at 10:30 am. Come by, get counted and win some awesome prizes! 

I've also had a chance to reach out to some wonderful companies..I'll post a full list after the event with all our event details and PICTURES! :-D Quite a few of them are also sponsoring some reviews and SWEEEET giveaways you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! 

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